Heads I found (FAITH)

So I basically quit era already and I was looking through some files and I found some heads I edited  a while ago including my current head. But since I aint gonna play no more Ima post it. Some of them aren’t even done.

rake.gif20khead12.pnghuehuehue.gifc3a0c3a9euhlol.pngEdit For PLayer.pngf.pngFaitghsplswork.gifpersonal21.pngFaithsHaed33.pngFaitho.pngfaith187684 (1).PNGphoto 2.PNG

8457845_orig.pngbody_template.pngera_fzi-stripedbody.pngphoto 1 (3).PNGphoto (2).PNGphoto 1 (4).PNG

This body belongs to Tam but I added a little star:)

request-21.pngphoto 1 (2).PNG <-In case you want to add it to another body (:

521950273_preview_john cena__08058.jpg

❤ Faith

Credits to the owners of the original heads and bodies.


It’s been a long time but like I have some old codes I made and I never posted.



setshield faithscat3.gif



<img src=faithscats.png>


Happy New Year:)

REQUESTS !! ( Zoey )

Sooooo… I MAY make Christmas customs, not promising anything though!!

However, I (ZOEY ) will be taking requests on Graal Era and you can find me on there. Look up the gang Zoeygraalxo, I’m the owner my name is Natalie.. don’t ask. Just PM me your request ( a description ) or just shoot me an email!

( Graalgfx.xo@gmail.com )

If you don’t play Era or don’t feel like PMing me.. :(                                                    just send an email anyways! Just DON’T FORGET to COMMENT that you’ve sent a request, or I will forget. Haha.

Yes, I haven’t been using our website email recently.. I’m SO SORRY!! Although, all day tomorrow I will be checking the email just because I’m in high spirits, no biggie. THAT CHRISTMAS IN A FEW !!!!!!!!!

Okay listen up children!!                                                                                                   There are some rules however…


  • I WON’T be doing any color changeable bodies!!
  • DON’T ask for them because I will NOT do them atm
  • I can edit a body, something small if it is a large amount of work I will hold it off till all of the simple requests are done                          ( NO CC BODIES )

Simple. Request.. starting NOW! DO NOT forget to tell me  you had requested !!

– Zoey❤