Ombre Head/Shaved ( Zoey )

Please give credit it took me 2 hours to make the head.. I was going to keep it but I rarely play graal anymore so I felt like I should share it with you guys sorry it doesn’t blink I got lazy after I finished.. lol

-Zoey <3*


Credit To Zoeh ;) (Zoey..)

Okay so on graal a girl pmed saying she wanted one of the heads we posted on here before so I went through all the files we have on the website to find these heads Zoeh EDITED*. :) You can pm on graal telling me what head you want to see reposted and I will gladly repost it, but have an example (picture) of the head because if you describe it, I probably won’t get it.. xD thank you!!

-Zoey <3* (Zoeh Edited*These ;0) Credit To Emmr Too.. xD

kitty7  kitty6  kitty5  kitty4  kitty3  kitty2  kitty1

eggs bacon grits sausage ineverknowhowtotitlesorry (zoeh)

yay me for literally not posting anything and then coming back to post something and ignoring the fact that I’ve been inactive on this site for literally months.

So I figured out and decided to edit and recolor a couple of heads just for practice, and I didn’t like one enough to keep it as a personal even though all I did was change it a little and adjust the coloring so really it’s not a personal at all so I was like why not post it bc uhm well

why not

was actually debating on whether or not I should post the other one but eh I liked it so it’s MINE ALL MINE NOT YOURS HAHA SCREW YOU not going to be posted.


also I got lazy, which is why the back view looks like … that. forgive me pls ok tenx



I forgot where I got the originals from, since I just found these lying around in my files, but the body has a watermark that says Brooklyn and Val, so I guess creds to Brooklyn and Val.

The original head is literally no different from this one, I just smoothed out the coloring so it does that ombre thing. It’s fun to do, just time consuming. Sorry if it’s bad lmao


BIG NEWS SO READ: (Zoeygraalxo Team)

Hey guys! So we deleted most of the website.. sorry if you liked most of it, but don’t worry because some of the heads we posted before we will repost.. maybe a few. Although we still have a few old posts left on the website. We will continue posting as much as possible (I hope..) So wish us luck and you can send us some ideas and a few requests at!! Or you can find us on Graal Era, you can find most of us in the gang Zoeygraalxo. (Maybe Not Right Now We Just Made The Gang So Not All Of Us Will Be There)


-Thank you!! <3

( We Look Forward To Hear Your Ideas And Try And Make Your Requests ASAP )


Waist Plaid [fixed]

Originally posted on Nox's Realm:

WOW. It’s finally here.

I personally find it to be a little cluttered. But, at least I kept my promise and finished it during this long weekend.

I’m not making this colour-changeableso please, please do me the favour of not asking me to. It shows that you at least read these text things that I tend to add to my posts.


I hope you enjoy it. Because it didn’t seem to turn out the way I wanted it to.

– Nox

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I’m finally posting something :’)

Here are some edits and old heads I found, they’re kinds lame l0l. Making better ones when I feel like it.

CurlyOmbre2 image2[1]

This bodies go with the heads at the top:


Credit to: Lucy and Angel