Codez (FAITH)

So this codes are either edited or made by me :) I decided to share them with you all since they got ifiled by mean people :(

Please Give Me Credit if anyone asks who made



Setshield uniuni.png


Setshield meme.png


Setshield faithsbunny.png


This one is a status code :)

<img src=faithstiger.png>


Setshield faithheart.png



Hello Cuties ( Zoey )

Hey guys,

I hoped I would post a lot more I’m so sorry, but I’ve been very busy, but hey! I’ve been practicing on my gfx because I sort of have to / it’s my passion ( even though I have been slacking on posting.. )

Umm.. I have some bad news soooo guess what guys.. my email ( ) had stopped working I have no clue what happened, it crashed? I don’t know but, I got my uncle to fix the problem so now I can actually open your emails and take your requests!! <3 If you have questions or requests for yourself email me I’m going to try and keep up with your emails.

Thank you for being wonderful fans of our gfx!! I will post soon with shimmer blinks?! ( I got better at blinks btw ;) ) Remember if you don’t like the way the hair looks, the blink with glitter, and ect. remember you can just email me at :O

– Love,

Zoey Da Babe ;)

Read Me!!! ( Zoey )

Hey guys, we’ve been having problems with people who get confused who don’t know who made what and say so and so made that and not the person who actually made the custom. (sorry for it being confusing) I’m not going to say names. Please know that if someone’s name is in the title like wjakkskdd ( Zoey ) or jaksjfjff ( Firefly ) that they made the of head and give credit to them or even if it says By : Bri that’s means she made it. Sorry for the confusion I don’t blame you but please give them credit don’t say I made it because I’m not the only one that works on the website there are several of us. ( I will be posting A LOT more during the summer and I hope everyone else will too :( thanks and sorry for the confusions )

– Zoey <3

Ombre Head/Shaved ( Zoey )

Please give credit it took me 2 hours to make the head.. I was going to keep it but I rarely play graal anymore so I felt like I should share it with you guys sorry it doesn’t blink I got lazy after I finished.. lol

-Zoey <3*


Credit To Zoeh ;) (Zoey..)

Okay so on graal a girl pmed saying she wanted one of the heads we posted on here before so I went through all the files we have on the website to find these heads Zoeh EDITED*. :) You can pm on graal telling me what head you want to see reposted and I will gladly repost it, but have an example (picture) of the head because if you describe it, I probably won’t get it.. xD thank you!!

-Zoey <3* (Zoeh Edited*These ;0) Credit To Emmr Too.. xD

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