Fun Color Strips (Zoey)

Anybody is free to upload/re-color/edit any of our work that we post.Please credit us if you upload any of our work. I’m not asking for you to change your status to credit us (though we would be touched),but if somebody asks you who made your head, then please say “Zoeygraalxo” or who ever has their name in ( ) or give them this blog address ( Thx c:


kile   kile      kile     kile


We need to post more or i will soon be looking for new people..   :/

~Zoey <3*

srry (kaydee)

look peeps theres some problems with mah computer and its freaking annoying so won’t be posting a lot sorry :/ will try to edit 


so when may computer feels better c:

i will post lots (kaydee)






















if i new how to ._.


Hihi C: sooo im on vacation anddddddddddddd I dont have time to post heads D; but I promise I will tryyy. Sorry bebs

Btw If you a dude, and you want a hot asss head, Go to gunners web ;)

Faith :)

muahaha (firefly)

hai hai hehehehehe so I just got my new computer today and will b posting soon ! I will also b taking requests c: so just send those thangs to my email address and I will get to them as soon as I can :D <3 email: