Graaloween! :o (Zoey)

Okay sooo this is a little early for Halloween customs buttttttt some ppl like to save earky and make their customs early (Me) lol so here

BTW I made some and had posted them last year all of these are either posted before and like 2 I made today c:



halloween02 halloween01 halloweenandre halloweendeaths halloweenover halloweendeath halloweenvamp

Sorry D:


THIS IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE LIKE DAYUMMMM Im gonna have to edit these c;

Originally posted on GFX site for GraalOnline:

I haven’t been posting for 2 weeks :C I have tests and all those sthuff soooooooooooooooooo Please forgive me, I did some heads in a hurry :D Do like and comment on this post if you would like to see more of this type of customs <3 xoxo kelsi

Credits to: Kaley–

                   em –




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cri cri cri (Firefly)

omg omg omg its been forevs, and I srry ive been so busy with school and everything starting and also along with problems in my life rn & also ive moved to another house so yah its been crazay but im srry I haven’t been posting ;c im trying my best kay. I promise I will find more time to edit for u guys c':