well guys I finally got my computer fixed….all I needed to do was press the X -.- when I did that it kept popping up but its like when ever im around grown people things work but when im around people like me that’s when it doesn’t work. Does this happen to you? post ur comment below




Important message (bella)

OMG GUYS IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN POSTING ITS JUST THAT MY LAPTOP KEEPS SAYING THINGS LIKE”the internet explorer has  a peoblem with it we will have it fixed as soon as posssible did it work? Well no so im takin my laptop to the compiter shop to get fixed maybe restart the hole thing but ill post something as soon as possible 😄 i have so many great ideas on heads i even drew them (not really) but i do have ideas :3 maybe make cute animal couple heads butt i dont know how to make a head from scratch yet sooooooo ill just get a head/body from a website (of coarse give credit) and maybe edit it 😛 so ill post  something so sorry but i shouldnt be sorry ;) because it my laptop fault


i bet when i said so sorry u said so that long ;) yep i read yo mind 

OMG (Faith)


I had this really good idea to make this heads based on cupcake flavours xD It might sound stupid but it was actually really fun to pick the flavours and colors :D.

I took this head -> kelly3[1] and put all of the stuff into another head so the hair is different :).

I do not own the original template but I found it on KELSI’S site.


Chocolate Mint :O


Chocolate Strawberry :O


ill make more soon :)



:’) (Faith)


This lovely Girloooo requested heads with blue eyes, brown hair, bangs , and extensions :].

I made 4 different versions :D enjoy poopsies.


requestrequestrequestrequest         request 2request 2request 2request 2         request 3request 3request 3request 3




Creds. to Kay and Emm :)


<3 Faith